Program Registration


IMPORTANT: if  you are registering for the MLE program, we recommend you to complete these steps ASAP as only 3 more seats are available after which the program registration will close.


You can register for the program you would like to register below by clicking on the appropriate program registration cart button. Scroll down to find your program. Before registration you should review the program on the Program page, and if you have any questions you could contact using the information on the Contact Us page.  Please note that when you check-out, you will have an option of paying by Credit Card, or by Check. If you pay by Check you will usually receive a discount and you can select that option while checking out.


Hands-on ML
Summer 2015
$2000(Save$ 50 Off Cheque Payments)
Program id: INT270-SUM
270 hours, 3 months
Program Period: May 15-Sep 15 2015
Registration Closes: May 9 2015
Seats remaining: 2

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MLE Program
Spring 2015
$4000(Save $50 Off Cheque Payments)
Program id: MLE160-SPR
160 hours, 6 weeks
Program Period: Mar 28-May 2 2015
Registration Closes: Mar 27 2015
Seats remaining: 4

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1 DAY Bootcamp
Fall 2015
$1000(Save $50 Off Cheque Payments)
Program id: INT8-FALL
8 hours, 1 day
Program Period: Aug 28 2015
Registration Closes: Aug 21 2015
Seats remaining: 20

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